Legal Disclaimer The purpose of this web site is to provide information on our version of HomeRun ENERGY STAR® Label Printing Software. The intended Client for this program is the Canadian Windows and Door Manufacturers. These Clients manufacture Window and Doors and have been certified by the relevant Canadian Authorities that meet their specifications. As such, these Clients have obtained through certification of said products, permission to use the term ENERGY STAR® and other logos on their products. Under no circumstances should the use of this designation be interpreted as having been approved to be used except in the context stated above. We strive to ensure that our Label product meets the requirement of any Government Agency overseeing the ENERGY STAR® program as well as the Various Regulatory Agencies that Certify and test these products. It is our Clients responsibility to ensure that our product meets these various Rules and Regulations. Under no circumstance does LeBlanc & Associates makes any representation, express or implied, that our HomeRun Label Printing program is suitable for any particular purpose or has received any certification or approval from any Government or other regulatory agency. It is the Customer or Purchaser of this program's sole responsibility to ensure that this program is suitable for their use and that they have received approval or certification prior to it’s use. LeBlanc & Associates acknowledges that all logos and trademarks used on this web site and used within our programs belong to their respective owners.
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